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Powerful absorbing,Effective caking

Fast Caking in 2 seconds,

Dust free,
Meltable,Easy to flush


Only use level I food grade material

All raw materials used are Grade I, Food grade dried tofu residue,
Added corn starch, No worries even eaten by cat。

KittyCARE tofu cat litter production site


Strict moisture control

Moisture content < 9%
(Moisture level 10%-13% for other sands in the market)

Product specifications

Brand: Nest       Packing: 6L*2/carton
Net weight: 4.8 kg/carton
Features: food grade raw materials, flushable toilet
Applicable cats: all cats       Shelf life: 36 months
Recommendations for use: Pour this product into a litter box, spread it 5-8cm thick, and clean it every day.

package:2packs/ctn; Net weight:4800g

In rainy days,high moisture in Tofu sand
easily causes mould,which is toxic to cats!
  • Food grade materials

  • Strong Caking

  • Low dust

  • Meltable

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