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Powerful absorbing,Effective caking

Fast Caking in 2 seconds,

Dust free,
Meltable,Easy to flush


Only use level I food grade material

All raw materials used are Grade I, Food grade dried tofu residue,
Added corn starch, No worries even eaten by cat。

Strict moisture control

Moisture content < 9%
(Moisture level 10%-13% for other sands in the market)


Product specifications

Brand: Nest
Packing: 6L*2/carton
Net weight: 4.8 kg/carton
Features: food grade raw materials, flushable toilet
Applicable cats: all cats
Shelf life: 36 months
Recommendations for use: Pour this product into a litter box, spread it 5-8cm thick, and clean it every day.

In rainy days,high moisture in Tofu sand
easily causes mould,which is toxic to cats!

package:2packs/ctn; Net weight:4800g

  • Food grade materials

  • Strong Caking

  • Low dust

  • Meltable